Cheats and Glitches

All these Cheats and Glitches have been tested. If you want any of these cheats or glitches, you must ask for permission from me first, and give me Credit.

Walk on The Garage

1. Go above the garage.
2. Walk above the Curvy, arrow-like roof.
3. Click on the roof. You’ll be walking on it.

Here’s what it looks like:



Get Extra Money

1. Find certain trees around Down Town.
2. Try clicking on some of the trees.
3. If one shakes, then money should fall out of it.
NOTE: One tree works only once, so you can’t do it again unless you log back in.

Heres what it looks like:



Get more coins in Ninja Skateboarding

1. Go as fast as you can.
2. Hold down the a or z key, and wait for it to say Bonus.
3. You will at least get around 50,000 points at the end.
4. Get over 15,000 to get the ninja suit.

Get more coins in X Boardin’

1. Do the exact same thing for Ninja Skateboarding, except you’ll get the snow suit.

Stand in the corner of the garden in the neighborhood

1. Go to the top left corner of the garden.
2. Click the corner of it.

Here’s what it looks like:



No servers Glitch

1. Go to the log in screen.
2. Click forgot password.
3. Right click and click on play. You will go to the servers page, and there will be no servers, probobly because you didn’t put in a username or password.

Here’s what it looks like (Click to Enlarge):



Make Mod sign visible with chatbox over it

1. Open up the chatbox (toolbar).
2. Move it so it’s over the mod sign (Top right corner oof screen).
3. The mod sign will be visible.

Here’s what it looks like



Chatbox glitch

1. Open up the chat box.
2. Click and hold down on the “Clear” button.
3. It will stay how it is.

Here’s what it looks like:



How to be invisible on the DJ record

1. Go to the playground where the DJ record is.
2. Wear a vehhicle or a skateboard.
3. Go on the DJ table. NOTE: only works sometimes.

How to see Yung Berg not on stage

1. Sometimes when hes not on stage, hes in his house.
2. Click on the house icon nest to your chatbar.
3. There will be an icon thats a house and has a star in the back.
4. Thats Star houses.
5. Click it and it will show Clique Girls, Yung Berg, and The idiotit adventures of Phillipe and Pierre.

Heres what it looks like (Click to Enlarge):


More coming soon


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