Hey! This is a page about the Planet Cazmo Amabassador Program, and some info on it. So here you go.

I’m not Ambassador yet, but I know a lot about it. Here are the requirements and the advantages.


       Tell people about planetcazmo.

       Recruit new Planet Cazmo users.

       Moderate around PC and report any inappropriate players.

       Help out Cazmos when they need it.

       Email PC with suggestions to help make Cazmo better. 


     An official seal for my site (the one posted above) to show that I’m an official ambassador of PC.

      Access to secret news about updates and authority to post stuff on our blogs before it’s announced.

      A PCA-P seal for our Camo’s cards.

      Oppertunities to interview mods and possibly the Prime Minister of PC.

      Access to clothes, spaceships, ETC that nobody else besides ambassadors can get.

      A PCA-P seal on our hover car.

Here are the Ambassadors I already know of (Credit to sAcReD):

001. Njrfcatlas14

002. $piro$

003. sAcReD

004. York0910

005. Beta V1

006. King

007. Nolaurator

008. Vendetta

009. Soccer

10. oRiGaMi

11. AnzerLimos

12. Monicaoxox

13. Carrotz

14. Yoda Ghost

15. Planet Cazmo Girl


17. Romani1996

18. Jimbercane

19. Black Wolf

20. Cazmo Mayor

21. Goopergoop

22. TaMpOs BeTa2

23. Themick777

24. Tyler H

25. Zoom

26. Daballer

27. mEtAlIcA

28. Southwind

29. Tannerlejord

30. Laton Flame

31. 100%

32. Bluesweden

33. Beta Omer

34. Sk8kid68 [WOOT!!]

If you know anymore ambassadors, let me know in a comment. I hope to become an ambassador soon, im trying my best to search for bad behavior, innapropriate language, etc.

If you ask a question about the PCAP, I might be able to answer right away.

~Ambassador Sk8~


4 Comments on “PCAP”

  1. richdude3 Says:

    u can delte me im not pcap anymore

  2. Ok then skate  Blueswenden is a PCAP so add im i dont thing i say him on there. Anyways i wanna become a PCAP to so yea. 😦

  3. briannaxoxo Says:

    Hilari nikki I mean who doesnt want to be a PCAP I gotta start being nice to pplz now xC lolz

  4. PCAP Richcooldude Says:

    Hey skate im in there lol

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