♠~Da Gummy Bear Krew~♠

Yo Peeps! I this page is where you can join the one and only Gummy Bear Krew! WOOT WOOT! I am the Gummy Bear Krew leader, Sk8kid68, and will recruit as many Gummy Bear luvers as possible. Gummy Bearz Rule! Gummy Bearz are now meh favorite candy, so I would like to make a page about my favorite candy. Here is the information you should know about the Gummy Bear Krew, and other info…

Well, Da Gummy Bear Krew was found by the guy with totally awesome awesomeness…Sk8kid68! Gummy Bears are to be respected here. In the Krew, we are good friends with Unicorns, but Gummy Bearz are waaaaaayyyyy much cooler. The Unicorns bring peace in our nation. We are basicly Allies with Unicorns. ScientistXoxo, if you join, I will make you Co-Leader, so we need the Unicorns peace to calm us Gummy Bearz down when we need it. Here is Da Gummy Bear Krew banner (Click to Enlarge):


Yepp, made it maself. I will put this banner in every post I make to represent my luv for Gummy Bearz.

And now here are Da Gummy Bear Krew Peeps:

President: Sk8kid68

Co-Leader: SPOT RESERVED FOR SCIENTISTXOXO (But need to know if she will join :mrgreen: )

Members of Da Krew:


Always luv Gummy Bearz.

Respect Unicorns and Gummy Bearz.

Like the taste of the Gummilicious Gummy Bearz.

Be nice to other Gummy Bear Krew Members.

Use the words, Gummy or Bear, or Gummy Bear, at least each day.

Uhhhhhhhhh….mmmmhhhh….yep donno anymore!


Umm…You get the pride of liking Gummy Bearz?! xP


Whut you have to wear is any kind of glasses/shades on, with any color Gummy Bear costume (Can be baught in the costume shop) So this is what you should look like:


But you just can wear any type of shades.

So that’s pretty much what you need to know on Da Gummy Bear Krew. If you wanna join, comment below saying that you do. If you have any questions, comment below also.


~Ambassador Gummy Bear Skate~

Sk8kid68's Planet Cazmo News. All Rights Reserved. :mrgreen:

3 Comments on “♠~Da Gummy Bear Krew~♠”

  1. crazyfire Says:

    i love gummy bears i respect gummy bears GUMMY BEARS i like the gummilicious taste of gummy bears

  2. crazyfire Says:

    why are you guys fighting all the time?


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