Moderators are people who work for Planet Cazmo. They moderators help keep PC fun and safe for those who want to play this game fun and safe..XD. If you like to play PC, be very aware of your behavior, and other Cazmos’ behaviors. Mod’s like it when they see that a cazmo is having fun and doing the right thing. Moderators have a special badge that help people notice that their a mod. Here are all the current moderators:

1. Acamar

2. bigdawg

3.Crazy Legs

4. DJ Stylus

5. Flava Flavious

6. Gneechy

7. Jeff

8. MC Sigmund

9. oceana

10. Oscar the Couch

11. Spin Cycle

12. Torgo

13. Vega

14. Zab

Those are all the Mods! You are also alowed to visit their houses, just click the house icon on the toolbar next to the chatbar. Once the window opens, click the last option, “Moderator Houses”, and that will give you acess to all the mods houses. if you see a moderator around PC, be very good, and dont break the rules of PC.

PeAcE    ~Sk8kid68~


3 Comments on “Moderators”

  1. richdude3 Says:

    otakou garou sync swat dabo

  2. baniiii Says:

    Otaku Garou
    Loiosh — ((not with pc anymore))

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