Guess that Cazmo

Hey guys! I was going to make this page a long time ago, but I didnt have time, so here it is. Credit to ScientistXoxo for letting me do that same thing.

Ok, first person!

1st Cazmo

Hint #1: Hes totally AWESOME!

Hint #2: Really doesnt like crowds.

Hint #3: Wants to become an Ambassador

Hint #4: Really Funny!

Answer: Sk8kid68

Winner: Pielover12


2nd Cazmo

Hint #1: Used to be an Ambassador

Hint #2: Recently Quit

Hint #3: Has a  lot of CC items

Hint #4: Is a boy


Winner: Scientistxoxo

P.S. This should be easy…


3rd Cazmo


Hint #1:  Has light pink hair

Hint #2: Is going out with a guy thats name has three words in it

Hint #3: Has a Phrux’s Golie Showdown background

Hint #4: Has the same style as me (Except for different colored shoes)




10 Comments on “Guess that Cazmo”

  1. pielover12 Says:

    uhm…..YOU!!!Skatekid68!lol you said hates crowds and it said really AWESOME!!!

  2. †►яεÐtigεяÐuÐe◄† Says:

    the second i think is Russia!

  3. Sk8kid68 Says:

    Its not russia..Sci did u guess Rd in that one comment above where you say that ur computer mood ring just turned purple?

    Guys, remember to put the round # before your guess like this:

    Round 2: (Name here)


  4. baniiii Says:

    Round 2:Gamerz?

  5. sk8kid68 Says:

    Sci, why should I take it down when you said that other cazmos had the same thing?

  6. Sk8kid68 Says:

    Nope, its not carrots or gamerz. ITS RD!! Sci already guessed it, but I was just too lazy to log in WordPress to update the page..xP



  7. the last is me???? is it is it? lol idk just trying

    Sk8kid68: Nope, it’s not you.

  8. crazyfire Says:

    Round 3:is it roblox?

  9. richdude3 Says:

    r u guys talking behind my back not cool dude.


    Sk8kid68: I’m not talking behind your back. Who told you that?

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