Hey Cazmos! I got such great news!

Today, Cheif Ambassador sent me an email giving me an invite to be apart of the PCAP!!! He gave me all the advanteges, and requirement, and all that stuff. But I am so happy to finaly become one!

I will get my Ambassador Hat and Badge probobly tomarow, so im very eager!

Right now, I will give my Oath of PCAP Office.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of Ambassador of Planet Cazmo, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and help the Fellow Cazmos of Planet Cazmo.”

Thank You!

~(Soon to be Ambassador 😀 ) Sk8kid68~

P.S. I saw Obamas Inauguration at school today! My teacher started crying! Everyone was yelling and screaming so I decided to blend in with the crowd and yell to…I kinda got in trouble… 😦

Sk8kid68's Planet Cazmo News. All rights reserved. :mrgreen:

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3 Comments on “GREAT NEWS!!!”

  1. southwindcazmo Says:

    Heyy whats up…. its me southwind here!!!!!! kool site!!!! its a quencidence that we got the same theme lolz anyways congratz on the ambass job!!!!! k cya later

  2. Great Site Sk8Kid!
    Good Job on becoming an Ambassador!
    Hope to see you around! My cazmo Name is 100%
    ~Ambassador Cent~

  3. Ambassador VS Says:

    lol u dont get ur hat and badge in one day! try a week buddy 😆

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