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Memberships are here!!!

November 25, 2008

Hey Cazmos! I guess the update was that memberships are here! That’s right! You heard it first from here! Click on the ”my account” button on your toolbar. Then click become a member. You will go to the membership page and see all the advantages.


Heres what the account thing looks like now:


Not only is there memberships, but you can also veiw your friend referalls, and change your general settings. Here are the advantages of being a member (Click to Enlarge):


And heres what will be coming soon:


That’s it!



Updating Again!

November 25, 2008

Well, the last update didnt go so well, it took soo loong..I was on PC when I received this…


Onced I pressed “ok”, I was able to roam PC again, but I was so stupid I logged off…XD..jk

When I logged off, This showed up:


I hate when this happens, in the last update, ittook four hours for this to be done! If this one takes long, it must be something cool, or really big. I hope its the ZIBS, because people have been asking for them alot. I also hope it has somethng to do with Jeff and Torgo!

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New Look!!

November 25, 2008

Hey Cazmos! I’m very excited right now because I just got 100 Cazmo Cash from Friend Referalls. I just spent all of it on my new look! Of course I’ll try sending more referalls to get more Cazmo Cash. What happens is that if two of the people that you sent referalls to have activated an account from that referall, you get 100 cazmo cash! Here’s my new look:


Heres my player card look:



So, I am very excited! I’m currently trying to get more Cazmo Cash!


Can you believe it? Out of all the vurtual concerts that have been going on, I hope this is going to be my favorite! He is coming December 20th, 2008. I think the whole vurtual concert idea is very cool. Planet Cazmo did a very good job with them.


Well, thats it!

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Cell Phones, Houses, and more!

November 17, 2008

Hey Cazmos! The new cell phones has arrived. They’re really cool!

Check at the top left corner of your screen right next to the quest button.


Heres what they look like.



The new houses are available now! Check ’em out.

Heres the 1st page of the houses:


Heres the 2nd page of it:


And finally, the 3rd page:



Theres also some new guy at the fitness center in space.


And check the toolbar for the new game icon.



Thers a new newspaper as well….



In other news, if you go to the town center, the wolf will start saying random things, trying be a funny…lol

Well thats it!


Hey People!

November 10, 2008

Hey guys! This is Sk8kid68 here! This is my new (and hopefully gonna be improved) blog! I used to blog about Club Penguin, but I got tired of that stuff. My username was Italiankid68, but he got banned forevr. I still play Club Penguin a little, My main is Romosk8er2 now. If you play Club Penguin, you will probobly rarely see me. So I hope you guys enjoy this new blog. I hope to be an ambassador in Planet Cazmo soon.