♠≈Custom Names≈♠

Hey Cazmos! In this page you just have to comment if you want a custom name. A custom name is your name designed with symbols around it. Just comment what name you want customed, and tell me what symbols you want around that name. Here is an example:



Heres what your comment should look like:

Name: (Give the name you want to be customized)

Symbols wanted: (Describe or tell me the kind of symbols you want around your name)

And if you want, tell me why you want a custom name.

Once your custom name is put up on this page, you can highlight the name and right click on it, and press copy, then paste it wherever you want it! That’s one of the reasons why I’m putting this page up.

Names Customized:


P.S. Remeber to join the Chicken Tender Club!

PeAcE oUt


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